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Home Loans and Mortgage Refinancing

Proudly Serving Active Military Members & Veterans

The VA Home Loan program is the best mortgage choice for military members, Veterans, and their surviving spouses. For almost all Veterans, VA loan terms provide a better choice over Conventional, FHA or USDA loans.  

Most importantly, the VA Home Loan benefit offers a no-money-down, fixed rate loan. This benefit provides a low-fee option for Veterans with service connected disabilities and surviving spouses meeting eligibility requirements set in place by the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Cash Out Refinance Loans For Veterans

A VA cash out refinance loan will replace your existing VA mortgage. This type of loan helps you get cash from the equity in your home. A cash out refi loan will help pay off high interest credit cards or help add to existing investments. Most lenders cap the loan amount at 90% of the home value. Not HomePromise! We offer a 100% LTV VA loan.  


Non-Veteran/Spouse Joint VA Loans

Some Veterans are confident on their own when applying for a VA home loan. Others may feel safer taking on their monthly payment by adding a co-borrower. When applying for a VA mortgage with HomePromise, adding a non-Veteran or non-spouse co-borrower is certainly an option.


Asset-Based Mortgages

Asset-based lending allows borrowers to use their assets as income. This type of loan allows individuals to use assets within an owner-occupied home and those already invested to secure the cash flow needed for loan approval. Most lenders permit 70% of your retirement accounts and investments along with 100% of your total assets to qualify.


Loans We Close

 Other mortgage companies offer you conventional loans. Most private lenders use their own criteria to determine the creditworthiness of their clients. HomePromise will often approve loans and refinance options others do not.


VA Loan Review

We help you get the advantage over home-buyers. The loan review process results in a letter detailing your qualifications to purchase a home. You may receive advice about closing costs and how to cut your VA funding fee.


VA Loans & Bankruptcy

Yes, there is hope after a VA foreclosure or bankruptcy. HomePromise will help Veterans with credit scores as low as 580. Even if you have been late on your mortgage payments in the last 12 months, contact us today.


“I just want to thank you very much for your work to help us refinance our loans. I know you had to do so much work for us and we really appreciate it. If I know anyone who wants to buy a home or refinance I will do my best to refer you to them. Again, thank you very much.”

Mary from Hanover, PA

“My mother recently had a refinance with HomePromise. The process was easy for her (and I) to follow. The loan representative, Chris Gaus was very helpful and responsive for the entire process and explained everything. I would definitely recommend this company.”

Dorothy from San Diego, CA


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