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Tips For Veterans To Enjoy Low Interest Rates

Tips for Veterans – The HomePromise VA loan refinance program offers eligible veteran and active duty military homeowners a unique way to access lower interest rates and reduce their regular mortgage payments*. Apart from that, military homeowners can receive cash back via a VA refinance and make use of the cash for various needs. As a veteran, you should carefully consider the benefits of this refinancing opportunity because it may save you a significant amount of money monthly, and reduce your total monthly payments significantly. Here is a brief description of the two VA loan refinance options and the requirements to process your application.

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Ensure Your Home Purchase Offer is Accepted With A VA Loan Review

VA loans give you many advantages that other loans cannot offer including government backed loans like FHA. Usually, no down payment is required, there is no monthly mortgage insurance and you can even prepay as much of the loan as you want without being penalized. However, after obtaining a VA eligibility certificate, you have one more hurdle to cross: getting your home purchase offer accepted by a seller. Here are some valuable tips to help you purchase a home successfully with a VA loan.

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Advantages of a Log Home/Cabin

One of the biggest advantages of a log cabin home might be seen as rustic and charming properties. Living in a log cabin home provides practical living spaces and defy many of the expectations that people seem to have. Log home cabins are built with many advantages over regular constructed homes, and in this article, we are going to be explaining a wide range of advantages and why you should consider investing or constructing a log cabin home.

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va loan after a bankruptcy

Qualifying for a VA home loan approval after a bankruptcy or foreclosure is never easy. As a U.S veteran, there are a few options at your disposal. Unfortunately, if you’ve been hit with financial difficulties in the past, many of those doors will be closed. Thankfully, after your discharge date or, the so-called seasoning period, gaining back your eligibility for your VA home loan benefits after bankruptcy is still possible with a VA approved lender like HomePromise.


In this post, you will learn all you need to know about getting your dream of buying a home (or refinancing it) back on track. A new and exciting chapter awaits.

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monolithic dome home financing


Problems financing a Dome Home? Getting approved for a mortgage on unique properties like dome homes, monolithic dome homes, geodesic dome homes, log homes, and Berm homes may be difficult. Because these types of homes are unique, getting approved for financing will take some creativity and unconventional thinking.

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Why Is Farming Income Become A Barrier In 2020?

Income from farming makes the property an income producing property in the eyes of many lenders and they don’t want to finance income producing properties even if the VA allows it.  You can have the best credit, excellent income and lots of equity in your home but lenders won’t touch you because of the farming income issue. This is the simplest reason for why farming income is a barrier in 2019 and, not for just this year. 

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berm home financing, earth home


For those looking to buy or refinance an energy efficient home know there are problems with berm home financing. You have great credit and a great job but still get turned down for a loan. If this sounds familiar then, you need creative berm home financing.

Why You Need To Get Creative

Berm houses are unique. These types of houses are typically built anywhere from slightly above grade to/or partially below ground level, with earth covering up to three side walls leaving only the front of the house exposed to natural light. This type of building design allows for adequate ventilation and passive solar to significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. This type of construction also helps protect from natural disasters.

Getting approved for a berm home mortgage or financing can be difficult. Unique properties like dome homes and log homes are just as difficult. Because earth sheltered homes are unique, approval will require you to be creative.

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