VA Loan Zoning Problems

Agricultural & Commercial Zoning Issues

Are local zoning ordinances or residential zoning regulations getting in the way of your VA home loan benefits? 

Are you looking to purchase a home with your VA benefits in a residential area located near parking lots or commercial property? If so, don’t give up. With HomePromise, there is hope.

Get help understanding local zoning laws and how zoning districts can impact your VA home loan.

Agricultural & Commercial Zoning Problems – Their Impact On VA Loans


You may want a VA home loan but you’re not necessarily looking to purchase or refinance the average home. It could be a multi-family home like a Triplex, or something as unique as a Bungalow in South Florida situated between a parking lot and a small commercial property. Perhaps you’re searching for a property to rent out. The big question is: do the VA guidelines allow for loans on properties with zoning problems?

The first step is getting approved for a VA loan. Because your situation is unique, apply below to discuss particular questions with a VA loan and zoning expert with HomePromise. Getting pre-approved for your VA loan before navigating the hurdles is often best.

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Agricultural Zoning

A VA lender should be familiar with farmland in general. This is critical when navigating agricultural zoning problems. Your lender should also understand the VA guidelines along with local zoning laws and ordinances.

Agricultural, A-1 (or “Ag Zoning,”) refers to laws and ordinances intended for the protection of farmland and farming operations from discordant non-farming use. It’s one thing to get a VA Farm Loan, but what happens when you are looking to purchase or refinance a non-farm home that has restrictions because it has A-1 zoning?  We may be able to provide VA financing for your home purchase or refinance when others will deny you.

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Apply For A VA Home Loan With Agricultural Zoning Problems

Getting approved for a VA Loan with Agricultural zoning issues may be difficult. It doesn’t have to be. Because your dream home is unique, approval will require some creativity. We are here to help you.




Commercial Zoning

Many VA Home loan applicants find that commercial zoning can impact their application. This is true with most lenders. But, HomePromise has approved commercial-zoned properties for VA residential loans, so we may be able to help.

VA home loans are not limited to properties in the suburbs; Veterans may also purchase properties in urban areas where homes come with zoning Challenges.

The guidelines for the purchase of an inner-city or urban property differ from the purchase of a home in a residential-only area.

Residential homes that are commercially zoned may cause a problem for some VA lenders who are afraid that a residential home is out of character with the other real estate in the area. As zoning problem experts, we can help determine if the Veterans Administration will allow a VA loan for a residential home purchase or refinance of a property that is commercially zoned.

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Apply For A VA Home Loan With Agricultural or Commercial  Zoning Problems

Getting approved for a VA Home Loan with agricultural or commercial zoning issues may be difficult. It doesn’t have to be. Contact HomePromise today!





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