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Learn The Basic Requirements For A VA Farm Loan With HomePromise

Are you a Veteran of military service looking to purchase a farm? The VA permits this type of loan for both active duty military and Veterans, including disabled Veterans. However, there are two considerations.

First, you must live in a home on the property. Second, while there is no specific requirement about earning income from farming, if you do have farming income then many lenders will deny your loan. But not HomePromise.

Many active military members and veterans grew up on family farms living in rural America. Today, more and more Veterans who lived in agricultural communities as farmers and ranchers strive to get back to their roots.

Thankfully, the Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes this desire. For military Veterans, there are loan programs available with HomePromise. Call or contact us today to see if you qualify.


Does The VA Offer Farm Loans For Veterans? 

Yes, the VA permits loans of this type but almost no VA lenders want to offer loans like this to Veterans.  That’s not the case with all VA lenders. HomePromise will finance Farm Loans for Veterans.  Whether farming is your sole income source or a source of income that is a small part of what you earn, HomePromise may be able to provide you with a VA mortgage.


Can I Generate Income With A VA Farm Loan?

A VA Farm Loan is a loan for a Veteran who owns a home that generates farm income. In some cases, lenders will consider a house to be a farm even if there is no farm income earned because the physical characteristics of the home may make it look like a farm. This makes some lenders shy away from financing your loan.

Whether you earn income from farming or have a loan that looks like a farm, you will need a lender that specializes in farm loans for Veterans like HomePromise.


What Are The Lending Requirements For A VA Farm Loan With HomePromise?

The lending requirements for farm loans for Veterans are that you are an eligible veteran for VA Home Loan Benefits and qualify from an income standpoint.  You will also have to meet other Veterans Administration lending requirements and you must occupy the property as your primary residence.


Can You Get A VA Farm Loan With No Down Payment?

Yes, it is possible as a Veteran to get a loan for a farm without a down payment.  But, you need to find a lender that is willing to do these types of loans because nearly all VA lenders will deny VA Farm Loans. HomePromise is a unique VA lender able to finance VA Farm Loans.


Can You Get A VA Farm Loan With Bad Credit?

Yes, it is possible to get a VA Farm Loan with a challenging credit history.  The VA guidelines permit VA Farm Loans with lower credit scores. It will depend on finding a lender like HomePromise who makes VA Farm Loans and can handle challenging credit histories.


Can A Disabled Veteran Qualify for a VA Farm Loan?

Yes, your VA disability status is not a barrier to getting a VA Farm Loan.

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The VA home loan benefit is the best mortgage choice for military members, Veterans, and their surviving spouses. For almost every Veteran, it is a better choice than a Conventional, FHA, or USDA loan.

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We understand that there are many different types of loans, and many different types of homeowners. Your situation is unique and should be handled by people, not computers. That’s why we want you to talk with one of our team members. Applying with us is always 100% free – no risk, no cost, no obligation to you. 

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