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What Is A Berm Home?

Otherwise Known As Earth Sheltered Home Or Earth Berm Home

Above-grade, completely underground or partially below-grade, underground homes like Berm homes are traditionally built at a ledge or at the bottom of a slope. These types of earth sheltered homes have one or more walls covered by earth which are designed in a wave action form. Windows are placed in walls facing south to optimize passive solar energy allowing living spaces within the partially underground house to be energy efficient.. How much of your home is covered by earth is up to you, but it is better to cover more walls to reduce heating and cooling costs throughout the year. There are few limitations with green roofs and green building when it comes to the home plans for this type of underground house.

With Earth Sheltered Berm houses, the front of the house is usually exposed and facing south to get the most sunlight, which heats the house during the day via thermal mass. House plans are designed for common areas, living rooms, and all bedrooms to share natural light and warmth from the south-facing side. Beyond the southern side of the house, earth-sheltered homes like a Berm have skylights positioned to ensure adequate ventilation and light for the northern areas of the home.

The Benefits Of Earth Bermed Homes

Careful planning goes into the designs of these types of homes to ensure they are as energy-saving as possible.

Owners typically save up to 80% on heating and cooling costs with a Berm home. Because the ground remains in the 50-60’s year-round, your Berm home can use passive solar energy. On the inside, Berm homes never drop below 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit even in winter, with nothing more than passive solar and natural heat from the earth.

earth friendly

Berm homes are not just affordable, they are less vulnerable to winter winds and the summer sun. Interior temperatures remain comfortable throughout the year even in harsh climates. Earth sheltered homes like Berms are created with earth covering much of their roof. They are commonly built with earth built up against three walls with your main floor below ground level. These earth-friendly homes blend in with their natural landscape.

energy efficient

Earth Berm homes are constructed to provide more natural lighting than traditional homes or conventional homes. Combined with solar energy, a Berm home design can save you tens of thousands of dollars in electric and fuel bills during your lifetime. Built into the ground, Berm home design can incorporate more natural light while further reducing heating and cooling costs due to little or no foam insulation being required.

disaster resistant

In addition to having a comfortable interior climate all year, Berm homes are less susceptible to the impact of extreme weather conditions. They are even resistant to tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Some insurance companies give you a lower rate.

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