Second VA Loan Requirements

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For some Veterans, getting a second VA loan wasn’t possible but new rules might work to your benefit since there are some changes to the requirements for getting approved. It’s best to get help with an experienced VA lender like HomePromise to help navigate second VA loan requirements.


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For some Veterans, getting a second VA loan was not possible this year but, new rules in 2020 might work to your benefit.

Can You Have Multiple VA Loans?

The VA Home Loan benefit earned by Veterans is not a one time benefit. You can use your benefits again after you get your first VA loan. Plus, you may qualify to have two or even three VA loans at the same time.

Many VA lenders don’t know how to do these kinds of loans and as a result will deny you for a VA loan. These loans require careful calculations of your VA entitlement. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the VA Home Loan benefit is available for active duty service members, Veterans, and sometimes their surviving spouses to use more than once.

What Is My Second Tier Entitlement?

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the basic entitlement for each eligible Veteran is $36,000. In addition to the primary entitlement, eligible Veterans throughout most of the country get a second tier entitlement of 25% of the loan amount. VA lenders typically loan up to 4 times the available entitlement without a down payment. A Veteran’s income and credit must qualify and the property must appraise for the asking price.

Can I Get A Second VA Loan Without Down Payment?

Yes, it is possible as a Veteran to get a second VA loan without a down payment. The first step in determining this is to contact us or apply below to answer a few questions. VA Home Loan experts with HomePromise will then calculate your maximum purchase price, lending limits, and the used portion of your primary entitlement to determine if a down payment is needed.


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