Modern Architecture Homes

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Adobe Revival / Southwest style home financing

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Modern yet ancient, Southwest style homes like Pueblo and Adobe revivals are typically constructed with flat roofs and thick adobe-style walls. Each room commonly encloses a courtyard.

Original Pueblo-style homes were built from bricks made of sunbaked mud, and little timber was used.  Today it is more common for new Pueblo-style homes to be based on a timber or block structure.


Mediterranean & Florida style home financing

Mediterranean home, florida home

Florida / Mediterranean style homes are designed to beat the heat during the day. Both home types are built with sloping tile roofs and verandas.

With windows providing breezes and porches offering plenty of shade, these types of homes are perfect for living in the south.


glass home financing

glass home financing, unique homes, modern architecture home financing

Glass homes are no doubt beautiful. All the glass allows natural light in and when used with screens a home becomes bright and airy.

Because the home exterior is primarily constructed of glass, the result is stunning, and a great place for entertaining and family gatherings.


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