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What Is Limited Credit History?

When you apply for a VA loan, a VA lender will review your credit history using a credit report provided by a credit bureau. Some Veterans have very little credit, perhaps because they have stayed away from getting into debt. You would think avoiding debt is a good thing, but this can get complicated when you’re trying to build a credit history. Some VA lenders will actually turn you down if you have a limited credit history. That’s not the case with all VA lenders. Don’t give up your search for a VA loan because you’ve been turned down for limited credit history. There is hope with HomePromise.

What Is A No Score VA Loan?

A credit score is a number used by lenders to evaluate your credit history. If you have a limited credit history then you may not have enough credit information to create a credit score. Many VA lenders will deny you if you don’t have a credit score or have a limited credit history. We offer VA loans to Veterans who have no credit score. Call today to see if you qualify.

How To Get Approved With A Limited Credit History

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The VA Home Loan benefit is the best mortgage choice for military members, Veterans, and their surviving spouses. For almost every Veteran, it is a better choice than a Conventional, FHA, or USDA loan.  Best known as a no-money-down loan, the VA home loan benefit provides a low-fee option for military members, Veterans, and surviving spouses meeting the eligibility requirements set in place by the Veterans Administration.