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Why Is Farming Income Become A Barrier In 2020?

Income from farming makes the property an income producing property in the eyes of many lenders and they don’t want to finance income producing properties even if the VA allows it.  You can have the best credit, excellent income and lots of equity in your home but lenders won’t touch you because of the farming income issue. This is the simplest reason for why farming income is a barrier in 2019 and, not for just this year. 

Agricultural Production & Farm Operations

. Some lenders will have a problem even if there is no farming income but the property looks like a farm.  If they see livestock or a crop planted they will consider the home a farm and turn down a VA farm loan. A farm that triggers a denial could also be an equestrian or horse farm with buildings for riding and horse boarding.

Why You Need A VA lender That Treats VA Farms Like Other Homes?

Since farming income is a barrier to getting a VA loan , you need a VA lender that treats VA farms like any other home. HomePromise is just such a VA lender with an unconventional approach to  VA loansVA loans

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