Veterans Healthcare and Benefit Improvement Act of 2020

Veterans Health Care And Benefit Improvement Act Of 2020

President Trump just signed a legislative package that will help the veterans community. The Veterans Healthcare And Benefit Improvement Act Of 2020. The top benefits and improvements in 2021 for veterans and their families are female veteran and Native American veteran benefits, disability and exposure related to the coronavirus, and National Guard members having no active duty are now eligible for the VA Home Loan Program.

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Female Veteran Benefits And Improvement

Much of the Veterans Healthcare And Benefit Improvement Act of 2020 focuses on improving services and benefits for women veterans. This bill allowed for the creation of a dedicated Office of Women’s Health at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The bill also creates $20 million to retrofit VA hospitals with dedicated spaces for female veterans, and ensures the establishment of permanent childcare programs at VA centers. In addition, the Veterans Healthcare And benefit Improvement Act of 2020 mandates all VA hospitals must hire a dedicated women’s health provider.

In addition to improving health services for women, the bill aims to address a negative culture for women at VA facilities. It would require the VA to create an anti-harassment and anti-sexual assault policy and designate someone at each facility to receive reports of harassment. A working group will be created to help implement the policy.

Native American Veteran Health Benefits Become Law

The improvements package also took steps forward for our country’s Native American veterans by prohibiting the Veterans Administration from charging copayments to Native Veterans. In addition to cutting co-pays the act allows for the creation of an advisory committee that will advise the VA secretary about unique challenges facing tribal veterans of the United States.

Expanded Eligibility for National Guard Members

A new change in this act means that thousands more National Guard members will qualify for the VA home loan benefit. According to the Congressional Budget Office there will be an estimated  2,000 more National Guard members that would obtain home loan guarantees over the next 10 years.

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