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Getting a VA Loan After a Bankruptcy

Getting a mortgage is never easy and getting a mortgage after a bankruptcy can be even harder. As a U.S veteran, there are a few options at your disposal. Unfortunately, if you’ve been hit with financial difficulties in the past, many of those doors will be closed. Thankfully, though, getting a VA l ...

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Advantages of a Log Home/Cabin

Log homes might be seen as rustic and charming properties, but they’re also practical living spaces and defy many of the expectations that people seem to have. Log homes actually come with many advantages over regular constructed homes, and in this article, we’re going to be explaining some of the b ...

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Vital Tips to Ensure Your Next Home Purchase Offer is Accepted

VA loans give you many advantages that other loans cannot offer including government backed loans like FHA. Usually, no down payment is required, there is no monthly mortgage insurance and you can even prepay as much of the loan as you want without being penalized. However, after obtaining a VA elig ...

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Types of VA Loans We Can Close That Others Can’t

Getting a VA Loan Home ownership is an enormous commitment, meaning that it needs an enormous investment of resources. Since most people cannot afford the costs of home ownership, this creates the need for lenders to provide them with the borrowed funds needed to cover the shortfall. VA loans exist ...

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