HomePromise FAQ


Is applying to HomePromise Free?

Yes, applying with us is 100% FREE! With HomePromise there are no hidden application costs.


Are you a Broker or Lender?

In most states where HomePromise is licensed, we are able to be either a broker or a direct lender. Most of our loans are made with HomePromise as the direct lender.


How soon will my loan close?

Typically, your closing will be within 2-3 weeks after you apply.


Which states are you licensed in?

HomePromise is licensed in many states but not all.  Please see our state licenses on this page: Disclosures.  We intend to be licensed in other states and will continue to broaden our reach.


Why do you provide these services?

HomePromise understands that the lending process is complicated and frustrating for many people. We believe our services are needed because we take the hassle out of getting a loan.


Where are you located?

Our corporate headquarters are located at 60 South Washington Street, Suite 106, Greencastle, PA 17225.