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Starting on January 1, 2020, Veterans and active military members will have more borrowing power thanks to the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019. The new law eliminates VA loan limits in 2020.

Signed in June of this year, the new law eliminates VA loan limits in 2020. This change means more veterans can buy a home with no down payment, including homes that are for sale above $1,000,000. But, some VA lenders may still block veterans from a no down payment loan for a home above $1,000,000.  Veterans need to find a lender that will allow veterans to use the full benefit of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019.

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Types of Loans We Can Close

Home ownership is an enormous commitment, meaning that it needs an enormous investment of resources. Understanding the types of loans we close is important.

Since most people cannot afford the costs of home ownership, this creates the need for lenders to provide them with the borrowed funds needed to cover the shortfall.

VA loans exist to ensure that eligible veterans can secure such funding. Sometimes VA loans can be made even when a loan cannot be found using the normal channels.

It is important to remember that would-be borrowers of VA loans are still scrutinized using much the same criteria as other would-be homeowners, meaning that there are circumstances under which their loan applications will be met with nothing but rejection.

However, not all VA lenders have the same guidelines. HomePromise Helps When Others Cannot.

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Tips For Veterans To Enjoy Low Interest Rates

Tips for Veterans – The HomePromise VA loan refinance program offers eligible veteran and active duty military homeowners a unique way to access lower interest rates and reduce their regular mortgage payments*. Apart from that, military homeowners can receive cash back via a VA refinance and make use of the cash for various needs. As a veteran, you should carefully consider the benefits of this refinancing opportunity because it may save you a significant amount of money monthly, and reduce your total monthly payments significantly. Here is a brief description of the two VA loan refinance options and the requirements to process your application.

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Ensure Your Home Purchase Offer is Accepted With A VA Loan Review

VA loans give you many advantages that other loans cannot offer including government backed loans like FHA. Usually, no down payment is required, there is no monthly mortgage insurance and you can even prepay as much of the loan as you want without being penalized. However, after obtaining a VA eligibility certificate, you have one more hurdle to cross: getting your home purchase offer accepted by a seller. Here are some valuable tips to help you purchase a home successfully with a VA loan.

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Advantages of a Log Home/Cabin

Some of the advantages of a log home might be seen as rustic and charming properties, but they’re also practical living spaces and defy many of the expectations that people seem to have. Log homes actually come with many advantages over regular constructed homes, and in this article, we are going to be explaining some of the biggest advantages and why you should consider investing in one for the future.

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va loan after a bankruptcy

Getting a VA home loan approval after a bankruptcy is never easy. As a U.S veteran, there are a few options at your disposal. Unfortunately, if you’ve been hit with financial difficulties in the past, many of those doors will be closed. Thankfully, after your discharge date or, the so-called seasoning period, getting a VA loan after a bankruptcy is still possible.


In this post, you will learn all you need to know about getting your dream of buying a home (or refinancing it) back on track. A new and exciting chapter awaits.

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