Accessory Dwelling Homes

If you’re looking to apply for an Accessory Dwelling Home keep scrolling. There are many types of Accessory Dwelling options available.

Accessory Dwelling Homes, sometimes called “Granny Flats,” are separate living areas (typically detached) on the same property as a single-family home. There are numerous benefits for in-laws, parents, and other family members.


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Accessory Suite

Accessory Suites are areas within a single-family home designed to be a separate living space. This type of suite has a bedroom, dining area, and bathroom. Homes with Accessory Suites usually have two kitchens. 

Appraisers find it hard to appraise these kinds of homes because they are unique.  Appraisers are required to find homes that have sold in the last 12 months that are nearby and have similar features.

If you own or are buying a single-family home with an Accessory Suite, your home may be unique in the neighborhood.  You need a lender like HomePromise who can handle these kinds of loans. 

We don’t require appraisers to find exactly similar homes, so we are able to approve Accessory Suite homes that other lenders may turn down.


Ancillary Suite

Homeowners often look for homes with an extra living area. Sometimes these are called Ancillary Suites. Like Accessory Suites, this type of Accessory Dwelling is desirable when family is visiting.  They can also be helpful to make space available for an elderly family member who wants to live with their children on a more permanent basis.  But getting a mortgage for these homes can be difficult.  You need a flexible lender like HomePromise to navigate the challenges.



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Carriage House

Today, Carriage Houses converted into separate living areas are popular. They may even have their own kitchen and bathroom. Lenders struggle with Carriage House loans because they are unique.  But HomePromise is a lender that has approved these kinds of properties for a loan.


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In-Law Suite

Like a Mother-In-Law Suite, an In-Law Suite isn’t just for the in-laws anymore! You can rent them easily because of their separate kitchen and bathroom. You can also use them for visiting guests or for a family member needing extra care.  Finding a loan for these kinds of homes may require an alternative lender like HomePromise.


Mother Daughter

A Mother Daughter feature in a home is an area in a single-family home that can be used as a separate living area. It can be used as a separate residence for a family member or a great rental income opportunity.  But some lenders struggle with approving loans for homes with a Mother Daughter living area.  That’s not the case with HomePromise, so give us a call today.



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